KBAK TV 29 CBS Has a strong DTV signal in the Neenach area; KBFX FOX is on 58-2
K26GN Ch 26 is TBN
K67AO ch12 Palmdale
is KTTV Fox 11 DTV
K59AO ch3
to be KNBC NBC 4

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Location: 44,000 block 10th st west Lancaster, 93535 Antenna 30 feet above ground
Green, Yellow & Pink shading indicate strong signals
Antelope Valley Digital TV Update: FEB 22, 2010

Victor Valley's TV translators that rebroadcast signals from Los Angeles, reaching portions of the Antelope Valley and mountain regions remain analog. The Victor Valley's TV translators are all UHF and have been seen as far as 230 street west in the Neenach area.

Channels 7, 9, 11 & 13 are now broadcasting digital on their original VHF channels. If you got a clear signal before, you may get the digital signal now.

Channels 2, 4 & 5 are now digital channels on UHF channels 31 (5), 36 (4), 43 (2). If you could not get a crystal clear picture from channel 22 in LA before; you are unlikely to get the much lower powered digital versions of 2, 4 & 5. ( We have the best antenna money can buy and get nothing; don't let uneducated clerks from The Shack; sell you something that's not going to work.

Ridgecrest has construction permits to build repeaters for all of the LA channels. Channels 4 & 5 are already on the air; their 600 watt signals should cover many parts of the Antelope Valley. You will need an outdoor UHF antenna pointed towards Ridgecrest. There will be a signal conflict between CBS Bakersfield & Los Angeles; as the FCC foolishly placed them both on UHF channel 33 and very close together.

To give you an example of the power drop the FCC imposed on stations; KBAK 29 Bakersfield went from 1.7 million watts analog, to just 110,000 watts digital. A power drop like that will greatly reduce a stations coverage area. KBAK does have a strong signal, and the only signal that covers the Neenach area full time.
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