United We Stand, Divided They Fall.


Covert investigations are about power and control. It's about suppression and censorship. Squashing dissidence. Overnight the target of these investigations will wake up and literally find themselves enemies of the state, and the agents of the state. Their lives will be disrupted in unspeakable ways, and their livelihoods. Many targets are broken to the point where they have very limited means of survival. This makes targets prime for suicide, false institutionalization, arrest, instigated car accidents, other accidents, or just assassination meant to look like an accident.

Being harassed in this way is a psychological battle that many targets are not ready for, and have to be ready for, if they are to survive. Survival also becomes more than just a psychological battle, because their lives are interfered with. These people will try to get them removed from their jobs, so they have no means of income or support. They will try to get them ostracized in their communities, with former friends and family. It will psychologically, and emotionally feel like the world is against you, and because so many people are taking part in this activity, that assessment will not be too far from the truth.

Survival will become a game of skill, craft, and a lot of luck. Don't discount prayers. Many of the targeted that I have encountered had a profound faith in God and many seem to be very intelligent people.

Live your life to the best of your ability.

Stay in control. It's your life and not their life.

Try to meditate and pray as you start your day.

Continue with your normal activities as best as possible.

Try not to loose your temper in public. This is what they want. In public stay as calm and serene as possible.

They have observed you, now it's your time to observe them. They have limited functions, once you tune into what they are doing, you can outsmart them.

Do not interact with them to the best of your ability. They crave the attention and interaction with targets. Try not to give it to them.

If you start to fight back and they increase the attacks at first, that's normal. Keep at it, be persistent. You will wear them down.

Do research on Gas-lighting, Cointelpro, Stasi secret police, psychopaths, cults, mobbing. Read books, watch movies, learn how they work.

Keep a journal of what's happening.

Rebuild your social circle. The way this works is by putting you into exile. The thing that you want to do is rebuild a social circle. If you live in a small town, try to find maybe someone in another town, or someone who is not taking part in the gang stalking. This works by cutting of your network, the best defense is to try to build or rebuild a network.

Make people aware of what is happening. This works well in silence. However in small towns this works because too many people are taking part. Go online if you have to, start a blog, call people on the phone. Do an awareness campaign. Get the word out.
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Counter Measures:

Being in a situation such as being under 24/7 covert investigation can be very stressing and very emotionally painful. Our privacy is something that we value, and grow up thinking that we have the right to. When someone tries to take that away, it's no better than getting emotionally violated. There are a few things targets can try to do to counter what is happening to them.


Hand out flyers in the community. Explain that innocent people are being targeted. Some of the civilian spies have no idea that they are doing anything wrong. Most just do what they have been told to do. Explain that targets are being baited/provoked out in public and made to appear crazy.


Let people know what is happening. Exposure is the best weapon we have for fighting this. Exposing what our governments are doing and what our fellow citizens are taking part in.

Video and file sharing websites

If you have any credible video footage post it on one of the many online video sharing file sites. and are just two of many. You can even start a video journal or podcast of your experiences.


Carry your website or blog address around in public so that others can find out what is happening to you. Backpacks, bags, t-shirts.

Cell Phones and electronic devices

Cell phones can be used to listen to your conversations and to track you. If the Suburban Spies know your cell phone number then they can track you. You should try to make sure that only trusted sources have your phone number or even try to change your phone number has been compromised. The other option is not to carry a cell phone or other electronic devices such as a laptop, palm pilots etc.

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Wireless Jammers

A wireless jammer might let a target block wireless signals that may be coming or going in or out of their homes. Eg. Video and audio. These might stop wireless signals. Eg. Bugs and video surveillance. You should get the portable kind, so you can carry it from room to room. The price ranges anywhere from $200.00 USD to $500.00 USD. It should be noted however that much of the surveillance that targets experience is done remotely and outside of the home, that is why evidence is hard to find.

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Bug Detectors

These are good only if your home is bugged internally. Most observation is done from neighboring apartments, audio and video surveillance can be done externally or internally using:
electromagnetic detection and other electronic devices.
Through the wall motion detectors.
Laser microphone

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Portable Video Recorders

From everything that I have read, this is one of the most effective things that targets can do for themselves.

Record everything that happens. If you don't have the money, save up for a bit and get one of these, or put it on credit card. Expose the perps and get everything on tape.

Video and voice can be purchased for as low as $88.00/USD. This will act as a 5 in one. It comes with video, voice and will even play MP3's.

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Digital Voice Recorders

If you just want to get some voice recordings then these can be purchased for under $50.00/USD.

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Often over looked and under estimated. However in times of crisis this really does work. It's an effective weapon that have worked for others in past time periods.

Daily even two times a day is very effective. Just ask for the things that you need. Learn to be patient.

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Exposing what is happening to you and what is being done to you are some of the most effective things that you can do to expose these covert investigations.

F.O.I.A. Place Freedom of Information Act Requests.
Start a blog
Hand out flyers
Have credible conversations about covert investigations
Post on Forums
Start a website
Don't stay quite about what they are doing to you.
They want to have power and control over your life. This is not right and you need to get this out into the open as much as possible.
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